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14 July 2013
// iphoneography: april 2013

iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013
iphoneography: april 2013

April through the lens of my iPhone (4S) - a short series on light and shadow, and the beautiful thing that is life.

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I am so, soooo absolutely sorry for my absence on social media (Instagram being the only active one remaining), but I hope to be back on track now!

I have been so caught up with work and drama in my life. So much has happened, and so much has changed. But thankfully the dust has finally settled and I can finally sit down and work on the images I'd promised to document through my iPhone. I'll be working on the images I took in May tonight and hopefully I can publish them within the next few days! Expect a bigger post (possibly accompanied with more words about the interesting happenings in that month).

I also want to change things up and blog a little more personally from now on. I've never been a very public person about my private life, but maybe I'll just open up a little more, especially with these iPhone diaries which will come your way every month (even if I don't blog them on time). Perhaps with things nicely in place now, I feel more ready to share.

Hope you enjoy the short post! I promise a bigger one for the next!

P.S. I am starting to offer handwriting services (like the ones that I have drawn for dreachong and jemmawei, girls from That F Word / clicknetwork). If you're interested, please drop me an email [enquiries@beautifuladieu.com] with your details for a quote! :)

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// amandawxr: i am twenty one, a business student and an expressive fashion photographer based in singapore. i am a dreamer; a lover of nature, light and all the beauty there is on earth. i wish we would all stay young and wild and free.

if you wish to do a shoot or collaborate with me, please send me an email at enquiries@beautifuladieu.com!

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