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18 October 2013
// all would envy lookbook i

all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i
all would envy lookbook i

Model: Andrea Chong
Wardrobe: All Would Envy
Photographer: Amanda Wong
Equipment: 5DMII + 85mm f/1.2L
Flickr: all would envy lookbook i

After returning from Bangkok and Andrea from Tasmania in early August, we both headed abroad again, this time to collaborate with All Would Envy, The Tinsel Rack and Lollyrouge on their August lookbooks in Bali, Indonesia. This post will feature my shoot for the exclusive Dreachong x All Would Envy collection around the very beautiful villa we had the privilege to stay in for the night at Mahagiri Villas Sanur.

We experienced the most beautiful sunrise by the beach the next morning and everyone knows how much I love my golden light so I was clicking away non-stop! We also forged a wonderful sisterhood with Charlotte from All Would Envy (AWE) during this trip and now we're kinda inseparable, haha. ;) I'm still in love with this set today, and I attribute our success to the great chemistry Drea & I share and how we constantly push ourselves to achieve more. We always try to bring new ideas to the table for my photography, her blog and the clients that we work with together. It's been such a great journey and joy. For those who do look out for the photos I take on her blog, sadly you will not see them much anymore and I'll explain why briefly below!


Although I haven't publicly announced this yet, most of my clients and friends would have known by now that I have recently stopped shooting for the blogshop industry to explore other genres of photography. I'll be honest; it has been stifling my creativity and I feel like I could risk losing my passion if I were to continue and suffer a burn out in the end. I could continue with how important I think it is for artists to learn to say no and to take actions that would be healthier for them but I'll leave that for next time.

I'm deeply thankful to everyone who has ever given me the opportunity to work with them in my two years (has it been that long?!) in the industry. Having said that, I will be opening up limited slots in December but may not continue again in the new year. You are still welcome to send in enquiries (enquiries@beautifuladieu.com) though! :)

With all the free time I have now, I have been focusing my energy on university work and my relationships with my (very awesome) boyfriend, family and friends. It has made me much happier and healthier emotionally. Despite that, I'm going through a state I can't express - like being stuck in limbo - before I find my direction in photography again. I've recently tried my hands at conceptual self portraiture as well as food styling and photography and I must say I love the feeling of being challenged.

I'll post photos of the food-stuff I took on the blog soon, but before that, I know I have been lagging behind on my iphoneography diaries. It takes me a couple of days to curate a month's worth of iPhone photos with the text and handwritten notes but I promise to get down to July's after my workload in school has lessened!

Ok, enough text for this post. I'll see you guys in the next! xx

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08 October 2013
// penang buffet

penang buffet

So I'm back! This time with an set of yummy pictures I took a few weeks ago when Copthorne King's so kindly invited Drea & I over to try out their renowned Penang Buffet at Princess Terrace! Chef Lim prepared many of their popular Penang delights for us that day and the dishes kept coming one after another until our table was so full. Having been to Penang several times when I was younger, I sure miss the authentic and delicious food I had when I was there. Lucky for me, I got to taste many Penang favourites again!

Princess Terrace has been serving this Penang Buffet since 1970, and is still popular even today. The restaurant was full-house even on a weekday noon when we were there! Here are some of the yummy food we got to try:

penang buffet
Nasi Lemak

penang buffet
Curry Noodles "Penang Style"

penang buffet
Penang Laksa

penang buffet
Crayfish with Chilli; Grilled Hard Tail stuffed with Chilli

penang buffet
Penang Char Kway Teow

penang buffet
Cuttlefish with Kang Kong

penang buffet
Assorted Nyonya Kueh

penang buffet
Bang Chang Kueh (Pancake with Roasted Peanuts and Sesame Seeds); Hokkien Prawn Mee Soup

penang buffet
Apom Berkuah (Pancake with Banana Sauce)

We were also served some of their famous Penang desserts and we were already so full before we could even finish. Thankfully I go to the gym often so I don't have to worry about a sinful afternoon (thank you Copthorne King's!). :)

This month, King's is celebrating their 43rd birthday so you get to enjoy a 43% discount at Princess Terrace when you dine with two other paying adults. If you haven't already tried their Penang Buffet (named Top 3 Best Buffet Restaurant this year by the way), you should!

For reservations, you can call 6318 3168 or email princessterrace@millenniumhotels.com. :)

P/S: Today's exactly a year since I first met dreachong and we've come so far since! I'm so glad I have her to call a sister and a friend - someone who's always been around for me regardless of my bullsh*t. :') thank you for growing together with me and for taking both of us on adventures we never thought would be possible. You and I, we have such chemistry and we make the perfect combination in many ways... and now I sound like your boyfriend. Imran please don't get too jealous, she still loves you most! Love you bb, I treasure you the most! xo


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