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08 September 2013
// runway bandits lookbook iii

runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii
runway bandits lookbook iii

Models: Denise & Anmari
Wardrobe: Runway Bandits
Photographer: Amanda Wong
Equipment: 5DMII + 85mm f/1.2L + 50mm f/1.4
Flickr: runway bandits lookbook iii

Hey... it's already September. Where did time go?

Here's a quick update with a small collection of images I shot for Runway Bandits back in June, featuring these two Eurasian beauties, and again experimenting with film colors. I'm so sorry I took so long to put these up; I've been sidetracked for far too long.

Andrea and I just came back from Paris last week and we (mostly me) are still recovering from the jet lag but thankfully it's getting better by the day! There's way too many images to work on and hardly any space left on my computer to work on them smoothly. I've been doing the same things over and over that I don't feel as creatively inspired as I used to. I've been too confined, too stuck in my little comfort zone - and I'm thinking perhaps a little diversity might do the trick.

I just want you all to know that just because I don't ever say 'the bad stuff' on my blog, doesn't mean that life is perfect. I'm just like anyone else - I have bad days in between the good. But please, don't ever give up on me. I won't ever stop shooting, not now at least. I promise I will stay true to what I want and I will keep creating till my heart aches with so much love. Thank you for being so patient and for still following me and the blog despite the lack of updates. I love you all. <3


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// amandawxr: i am twenty one, a business student and an expressive fashion photographer based in singapore. i am a dreamer; a lover of nature, light and all the beauty there is on earth. i wish we would all stay young and wild and free.

if you wish to do a shoot or collaborate with me, please send me an email at enquiries@beautifuladieu.com!

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