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02 December 2013
// cookies & eggs

cookies & eggs
cookies & eggs
cookies & eggs
cookies & eggs

White Chocolate Chip Cookies & Spanish Omelette with Bacon
Recipes via Andrea ; Photography by me

My close friends would never associate me with food, let alone cooking or being in the kitchen. I've always had a fear of fire and dangerous objects, and I'd been brought up to think that I may set the kitchen on fire instead if I ever attempted to cook. I managed to cook my first ever meal in Paris back in August (with P's supervision through Skype) and I'm just thankful I'm even alive. Am I that bad? I think my level of confidence says it all.

However a few months ago, I was inspired by P's culinary passion to pick up food photography and styling. He's such a talented chef especially with cooking meat dishes, but he's not particularly concerned about the aesthetics of his craft (yet). He's been extremely busy with college recently, so we haven't gotten round to creating anything. Being all excited and impatient, I decided to rope Drea in on my latest embarkment.

If you don't know, Drea is a closet housewife. She loves cooking for her loved ones and close friends (and that includes me yey) and does the ocasional baking too. Unlike P, she's more well-versed with Asian dishes but she has done such a great job making these don't you think?! I wouldn't say we make the best pair like Melody and Hosanna do (check out their amazing food photography and recipes if you haven't!), and maybe that's because we (particularly me) aren't so gifted in the kitchen.

Anyways here is our first attempt at cooking and styling for the camera. I honestly think it turned out pretty decent for a first. I know that I still have lots to improve on though. We've been going mad in cookware and provisional stores, and have spent quite a bit so far. We (I) must be crazy! Mid this month, we're going to come together to do a more elaborate set and I'm already looking forward to it!

Now that exams are over, this month's gonna get busy... sit tight, and happy December! :) xx


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// amandawxr: i am twenty one, a business student and an expressive fashion photographer based in singapore. i am a dreamer; a lover of nature, light and all the beauty there is on earth. i wish we would all stay young and wild and free.

if you wish to do a shoot or collaborate with me, please send me an email at enquiries@beautifuladieu.com!

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